Greentech Innovations

The Challenge

This was by far the biggest and most complex project we have created to date. David came to us as a first time business owner and needed assistance with an entire branding project that included the basics all the way to website graphics as well as social media creatives. This was to ensure that Greentech Innovations had an extremely seamless and consistent image across all mediums and platforms - this was paramount for David. He entrusted us to create a complete visual package and the result was something both parties were extremely happy with.

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Delvin and the team at Oblivious Design really impressed me with not only the result but also the entire process and the services they were able to offer. I came to him not knowing what I really wanted and I was on the fence on so many things, but he helped me break all the elements down and made it easy to digest. He made it very easy to understand and that's what I needed! Thank you, Oblivious Design.


David Z. | Sydney, Australia


Brand Design, Stationery Design, Social Media Creatives, Website Graphics

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