The Challenge

Kokocino established itself on the back of a couple and their children who had allergies which meant that dining out at cafes would become a problem due to cross-contamination. With that in mind they wanted to create cups for the little ones that weren't only fun and practical, but also sustainable for the environment - using bamboo as the main material in their reusables cups. They saw a market for this and thus created Kokocino, offering many cute cups for children to sip from! They reached out to us with ideas and concepts in mind, but they just needed someone who had the technical skills to bring it all together. So over many months Oblivious Design helped them bring their ideas to life in the form of the designs for the cups as well as packaging for the cups. It was a collaborative effort and the results were amazing.

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So happy with Oblivious Design. Communication was great and Delvin was so easy to deal with. He did a really great job helping us produce designs for our reusable cup, and packaging designs. He was great a following our instructions which helped with the entire process. Highly recommended!


Thomas D. | Gold Coast, Australia


Packaging Design, Logo Design

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