Noēlle Restaurant

The Challenge

The challenge for redesigning Noēlle's brand lay in striking the delicate balance between preserving its established identity and infusing it with a fresh, contemporary appeal. Capturing the essence of this casual restaurant's unique ambiance and culinary offerings while revitalising its visual representation required a nuanced approach. Seamlessly integrating this revitalised identity across diverse platforms and touch points further heightened the complexity, demanding a versatile design that could effortlessly translate across print and digital mediums.

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Working with the Oblivious Design for my restaurant, Noēlle, was an absolute game-changer. Their dedication and expertise in handling our branding project went above and beyond my expectations. Delvin not only delivered exceptional designs but also provided unparalleled support throughout the entire process, even after the completion of the project.


Jarrell Q. | Sydney, Australia


Logo Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Menu Design, Social Media Creatives

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