Pristine Property Services

The Challenge

Pristine Property Services had already been established for some time by the owner, Basil. When Basil reached out, the business was at the stage where it needed a visual identity for the business to scale. He had intentions to reach larger and more long term clients, which meant he needed to establish a professional branding system. At this point he didn't have any branding which meant invoices, quotes and emails didn't have a recognisable logo to be remembered by. This is where we came in to help Basil establish his business to make it look and feel reputable and place them in a position where they were portrayed as experts in the field.

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For a long time I had an idea for my logo and how I wanted my brand to look, but I felt like it just never clicked and I was always one step away from "perfect". With the help from Delvin he managed to actualise what I had in my mind, but lacked the abilities to create. I'm very happy with the results and I feel very confident showing new clients my branded items.


Basil S. | Sydney, Australia


Brand Design, Logo Design

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