Winter Farmer Cafe

The Challenge

Winter Farmer Cafe presents a unique challenge in its brand design project. Our aim is to encapsulate the rustic and cozy ambience of the cafe and translate it into a visual identity that's both welcoming and contemporary. The challenge here lies in creating a brand that's visually harmonious and reflective of our identity, appealing to both regular patrons and newcomers. The design must evoke a sense of nostalgia while also being fresh and modern, embodying the spirit of the Winter Farmer Cafe.

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Working with Oblivious Design was a game-changer for our cafe, Winter Farmer. We were struggling to establish a unique brand identity. Delvin expertly captured our rustic, cozy vibe, and the new brand design has transformed our business. We now have a brand that perfectly reflects our cafe's personality. It's been a pleasure!


Darcy S. | Sydney, Australia


Logo Design, Signage Design, Packaging Design, Menu Design

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